Q-Touch is a multi national brand that produces innovative consumer electronics, with a focus on cell phones, televisions, tablets, accessories and IOT products. We strive to meet our client's expectations by maintaining a high standard of quality throughout our product lines and by constantly developing new, cutting-edge technology to enhance user experience. Whether it's through home entertainment system or on-the-go mobile devices, Q-Touch promises to deliver sleek and efficient technology for any aspect of life.                  

  Jolann Tianyu Jiao

The founder of Q-Touch brand, Jolann Tianyu Jiao graduated with a Master of Science degree from Imperial College London in 2009. Ms. Jiao started her career life as a stock broker and two years later, founded the brand Q-Touch, and over the past decade has developed the brand into an economic powerhouse in North and South America.

In addition to her work with Q-Touch, Ms. Jiao also served as the president of a women-owned international business chamber Brazil in 2017 (Câmara De Negócios Internacionais De Propriedade Das Mulheres Brasil). In that same year, Q-Touch became one of the top 10 selling brands in Brazil, alongside brands such as Samsung, Apple, and LG.

In late 2017, Ms. Jiao opened her subsidized companies in Warsaw, Poland and Guadalajara, Mexico.              


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